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 PC Maintenance Agreement Information

Stop paying IT Service on a per hour basis, this could be very costly. While you are concerned about repair costs, Miami PC Wiz, Inc. offers monthly Maintenance Agreements to both Business and Residential Clients, on PCs, Servers, Workstations, and it also covers Software & Updates. By paying a monthly or annual fee, you will receive unlimited repair and maintenance service for your equipment. We come to you, which means you never even have to touch your equipment for it to be fixed, and with priority placement, you will be up and running in no time at all.

We perform our services at both Home or Office. However, your faulty equipment can be picked up and returned FREE of Charge. Because the technicians are frequently out on service calls, you should make an appointment as soon as possible via phone or email, since we can receive them while on the field.

Here at Miami PC Wiz Inc, our mission, and promise to you, is to keep your Equipment Running in the best shape possible, and if they ever brake, to minimize down-time. All priced at the lowest rate in the Business!

Our contract offers personalized, On-call 24/7, Unlimited On/Off-site Service, including Remote/Phone Support for any question related to covered equipment, anytime you need us for one low monthly fee. Your satisfaction is our goal and we guarantee you will receive much more under the protection of our maintenance contract, than you will by paying an hourly rate every time your computer needs repairs!

Most computer breakdowns are due to lack of preventive maintenance, which can quickly lead to overheating, slow performance, component malfunction, or system failure. Our preventive maintenance service can significantly reduce breakdowns, downtime and costly service calls.

Our maintenance plan covers, labor costs for both off/on-site repairs and mileage. The cost is calculated for up to 10 Computers or qualified equipment; nonetheless for 10 or more, Maintenance Agreement will be modified reflecting sizable discount. Be advised, this is a Windows/PC based Maintenance plan, no Mac's, or Related Apple Equipment. Additionally, any Hardware Parts that your PC/s might need, won't be covered. However, we can buy them for you at specially negotiated rates.
Please note Miami PC Wiz, Inc. does not carry parts inventory, we are just an IT Service Provider.
We'll provide you FREE Computer Operating Software, like Win7 both in 32 or 64bit, additionally you can receive the latest MS Office software including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Groove, OneNote, InfoPath, Publisher if needed, plus any Security Software, including Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Internet Filters, Parental Controls, etc... We will also update, program, and maintain the above mentioned during the length of your agreement.
Due to the Nature of your Business you will be 100% responsible, and required, to obtain any special software, or applications you might need in order to conduct your affairs.

Before we can approve a new service agreement, it is mandatory by Miami PC Wiz, Inc. that we conduct a FREE/NO OBLIGATION Performance Diagnostic Check of your system/s and or network. The outcome of such will determine whether we will enter into a maintenance agreement, or not.

What is tested before agreement is signed?

  • Antivirus

  • Anti-Spyware

  • Firewall

  • Service packs

  • Security patches

  • Web Browser Security

  • Wired / Wireless Network Security

  • Software Licensing

  • Hard Drive performance

  • Hard Disk Integrity

  • Optical Drive Performance

  • File Fragmentation

  • Junk Data

  • Memory Errors

  • Registry Errors

  • Data Privacy

  • Device Driver Validity

  • Hardware Performance

  • CPU Loading

  • Memory Loading

  • Network Loading

  • Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

  • Ergonomics

We simply love Intel

The following are, covered standard Maintenance Agreement Services, and Procedures:


 Scheduled System Maintenance, Diagnostic and Report. (Each Remote Session is recorded)


 Deep System Clean-up of unnecessary files, Spy-ware, Viruses, Pop-ups, and any type of PC errors. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Scan and Defragmenting Hard Drives. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Operating System disk check. (weekly or as needed)


 Monitor Hard Disk space usage. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Maintenance to include hard disks, Memory and Disk Space. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Hardware diagnostics and inspections on System Hardware. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform (LAN) Local area Network Diagnostics. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Network Connections Check. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Network Internet Maintenance. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Network Internet Security Check. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Virus Data Updates and Virus Removal. Spyware and any other infections are covered. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform Windows Security and Service Updates, while Customizing your PC to your Specific needs. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform web browser updates. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform MS Word/Outlook Updates. (weekly or as needed)


 Perform OS/Microsoft Office Service Packs, Security, and updates. (weekly or as needed)


 Backing up, Transfer, Retrieval, and Password Recovery. (weekly or as needed)


 Guaranteed Unlimited Tech support Service Response within 24 hours or less, from Customer's Request.


Agreement Fees: $50.00 per Computer/Workstation per Month. "Business"

Agreement Fees: $25.00 per Computer/Workstation per Month. "Residential"

Price Based on 10 Computers or less, for over 10 PC Call or E-mail for Price "Adjustment".

Both Plans Include Unlimited 24/7 Phone Support, without any fees and "Service Priority" with minimum to no waiting.

Signup Today, and Start Saving Big!

if you have any questions about the Maintenance Program, Call or e-mail today!

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Situations below are *** NOT *** covered under Maintenance Contract
 User Problems caused by (Misuse of hardware, incorrect settings, carelessness etc)


 External computer peripherals (scanners, printers, digital cameras, zip drive, speakers, game controllers, etc) (unless agreed)


 Change and installation of consumables like ink cartridges


 Upgrades or Repairs of Hardware Parts, are never included. However we can buy them for you, at low prices.


 Acts of GOD / natural disasters (lightning strikes, power surges, flood, earthquake, terrorist attacks, war)


 Others (factors not related to manufacturing hardware defects)

***Regular Hourly FEE Applies to Correct, or to  Fix, any of the Stated Above***


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Download our Maintenance Agreements below, or Call for more info.

Business Agreement    Residential Agreement


To set up an appointment, E-mail - Remote Support 786-301-7292 24/7...

Miami PC Wiz, Inc.

Yordan Quesada

Signature of: Miami PC Wiz, Inc. President and CEO Yordan Quesada.



CEO and Founder.

We are on Facebook now. We can help you now with all your Computing/Networking NeedsWe are in Twitter now. We can help you now with all your Computeing/Networking Needs.

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To better assist you, and to ensure all your needs are properly addressed, as of 2008 all new agreements will be done by the owner directly.

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